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Jefferson School

jefferson-schoolBuilding Opened in 1954

Jefferson School houses fourth and fifth graders. Jefferson is a child-centered school with a mix of veteran and energetic new staff.

Jefferson motivates students with unique activities like reading rallies, a climbing wall, a pond and nature area for environmental learning, Red Ribbon Week activities, and perfect attendance competitions. Jefferson students work to live up to the Jefferson pledge – to do their best and respect others.

Jefferson teachers work to build character and to ensure students feel good about themselves. The related service staff supports students with special needs or those who need help adapting to a new school. Early intervention programs are available for students in order to improve and strengthen academic skills such as Title 1 reading.

Jefferson school also provides a continuum of special education services such as resource- and self-contained classrooms.

Emergency Information

Stay informed about school closings due to poor weather conditions or other emergency circumstances. For up-to-date information, you will see an urgent message published here on our  website.