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Richard D. Crosby Elementary

front crosbyBuilding Opened Fall of 2010

Richard D. Crosby Elementary School houses kindergarten through third grade.

Designed to hold slightly more than one thousand students, Crosby Elementary is home for approximately 850 kindergarten through 3rd grade students.  This school allows the district’s youngest students to stay in the same building for the first four years of their school careers, providing a secure education environment in their early years.  The school construction was funded by a community referendum that was passed in November 2008.  It is the first new school in the district in 48 years.

Crosby Elementary is designed around a neighborhood concept, where all classrooms of the same grade are grouped around a common discovery center.  The Learning Center is at the center of the building and the focus of the academic day.  Separate driveways for bus and car traffic will make traffic in and out of the school flow smoother and keep students safer.
The staff teaches reading and writing across the curriculum as an integral part of the overall academic program. Teaching strategies encourage student creativity, responsibility and self-motivation. As with other elementary buildings in the district, volunteers help with all parts of the curriculum, including art, reading, science, and social studies. Early intervention programs are available for students in order to improve and strengthen academic skills such as Title 1 Reading and Response to Intervention (RTI). Crosby School students host many community activities including a Veterans’ Day Breakfast, Family Reading Night, an Evening Music Show, and a Literature Fair.

Emergency Information

Stay informed about school closings due to poor weather conditions or other emergency circumstances. For up-to-date information, you will see an urgent message published here on our  website.