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Dual Language Program

The Dual Language Program is….
A program that integrates two groups of students– native Spanish speakers and native English speakers. Both language groups receive academic instruction in two languages, Spanish and English.
Over the course of six years, children will be exposed to the same District 50 curriculum with an immersion component that follows a 50/50 model of instruction. Children will study all academic subject matter equally in both languages. The program sets out to support an “additive bilingual” environment, meaning that all students learn a second language without compromising the first language.

Goals of Dual Language Program
*High levels of bilingual proficiency
*Biliteracy– read and write at or above grade level in two languages
*Achievement in content areas (math, science, social studies) at or above grade level
*Multicultural competencies

Why Dual Language Immersion Education?
Language immersion students:
Develop high proficiency levels in English and Spanish
Learn in an ethnically, culturally and linguistically integrated environment
Enjoy the art, music and literature of other cultures while developing sensitivity toward other people and cultures
Can communicate with people from over 20 countries of the world
May fulfill university foreign language requirements before graduating from high school
Can become trilingual in high school or college
Are provided with unique linguistic and cultural options for future employment

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Dual Language Newsletter 

Dual Language Newsletter  (Spanish)

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