Student Services

Joyce Gronewold

Joyce Gronewold

Director of Special Services
815-943-4022 Ext. 2112

Cristy Binz

Cristy Binz

Student Services Secretary
815-943-4022 Ext. 2108

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Our Mission

Harvard Special Education Service Department is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of teaching and learning. Our mission is to educate students in a safe, supportive, and challenging environment, and to realize their maximum potential. In partnership with staff, parents and the community, we will nurture students with the essential skills to lead productive, fulfilling, successful lives throughout their lifetime

The Goal

A Universal Design of Learning (UDL) to promote student success for all students.

Harvard CUSD 50 student services department maintains a continuum of special education resource programs, self-contained programs, and related service options based on the nature and degree of the intervention needed for students.

Harvard CUSD 50 special education has a continuum of monolingual and ELL special education programming and services for students. Special education services range from early childhood through high school (K-12). The student services department ensures comprehensive services across all special education disabilities. The Harvard CUSD 50 special education programs are set in accordance with legal mandates set by state and federal law (per IDEA) regarding identified students with disabilities.