About Crosby Elementary

401 Hereley Drive
Harvard, IL 60033

Natalie Cowley

815-943-6125 ext.54020

Jennifer Bigler

Assistant Principal
815-943-6125 ext. 54040

Yolanda Roldan

Assistant Principal
815-943-6125 ext. 54060

Built in 2010, Richard D. Crosby Elementary School is a two-story, kid-focused building housing the district’s kindergarten through third grade classes. Classrooms are uniquely designed to help the children learn in an engaging environment. Crosby has small group areas, 1-to-1 computing, auditorium style reading space, discovery centers, and an expanded library. These areas provide teachers with a variety of learning environments in which to engage their students. Crosby Elementary also provides the community with meeting spaces. The building includes a multi-purpose room and a gymnasium with bleachers and a stage.

At Crosby, teachers implement strategies to encourage student creativity, responsibility, and self-motivation. Beyond learning skills like reading, writing, and math, students study music, learn the importance of physical activity, and develop the social-emotional skills needed for enduring success.