Rent A Hen Group

Out of more than fifty INCubator groups across McHenry County, Harvard High School INCubator group Rent A Hen was selected in the top 3, earning a chance to pitch at the 2023 Entrepreneurship Pitch Night at McHenry County College. 

Seniors Lorenzo Eichholz, Jovon Ratcliff, Lucas Merryman, and Ryan Weidner developed their business idea, Rent A Hen, as part of the business INCubator curriculum. Rent A Hen is a subscription-based service that allows families from McHenry County to rent egg-laying hens, visit them on our farm, harvest eggs, and spoil them with treats. Their motto is, "From our farm to yours, let us give your family the farm fresh experience this summer!"

INCubator students have been working on these business ideas for most of the year. As part of a promotional event in December for their business, Rent A Hen offered the first 48 high school staff members that followed their facebook and emailed "I'd like to enjoy an eggcellent egg sandwich!" a free egg sandwich delivered to their classroom. 

“The entrepreneurship skills these students are learning in Harvard High School’s INCubator class are setting them up for success in the future no matter where their path takes them,” said Superintendent Dr. Corey Tafoya. “They are learning to collaborate, communicate, to think critically and creativity. We are all incredibly proud of our Rent A Hen group for making the top three in McHenry County!”

The 2023 MCC Entrepreneurship Pitch Night takes place Monday, May 8 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at McHenry County College.