Top Honors at IHSA Ensemble

Harvard High School hosted the IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest, where students from 21 schools performed and competed.

HHS Band and Choir students earned 21 Division 1 (superior) and 11 Division 2 (excellent) ratings. Also, an HHS Clarinet Choir and Trumpet Duet were awarded "Best of Day" Performances!

Clarinet Band EnsembleFor the clarinet choir-standing together photo, left to right: Ariana Schiller-clarinet, Lila Lamz-bass clarinet, Tony Kelley-clarinet, Bradley Boedewig-bass clarinet, Paola Galicia-clarinet, Ren Elliott-clarinet

Clarinet Choir Group PictureTrumpet DuetFor the trumpet duet, left to right: Ariana Schiller, Jett Damiano, both on trumpet

Trumpet Duet