About Jefferson Elementary

1200 N. Jefferson Street
Harvard, IL 60033
815-943-6464 ext.40372
Fax: 815-943-7495


Rebecca Adams

815-943-6464 ext. 2402

Sarah Wargaski

815-943-6464 ext.40298

Jefferson Elementary School educates the district’s fourth and fifth graders. Students work to live up to the school pledge: “to do their best and respect self and others and to be proud of self at the end of each day.” In addition to a rigorous academic program, teachers provide opportunities for students to build character and feel positive about themselves. Jefferson offers extensive field trips, a STEM lab, reading rallies, a climbing wall, a pond and nature area, team-building events, and attendance competitions. The school is a 1-to-1 student to technology device building. Jefferson is a recognized regional leader in PBIS, earning the highest level of recognition – Platinum. PBIS is a system that encourages positive student behaviors. Jefferson teachers also teach Second Step curriculum. Second Step is a program that supports social-emotional learning.  

Students receive instruction in either dual language or monolingual classrooms. Jefferson is a bilingual building. The related service and support staff work closely with students that have special needs. Staff also provide special education services such as resource and self-contained classrooms. Jefferson also offers a homework club.  

Jefferson is a great place to learn and grow.  Students and staff are proud of the school, its history, their work today, and their future.