5Essentials Survey

To improve the quality of our schools, we ask that all Harvard CUSD 50 students, staff and families complete the 5Essentials Survey. As we implement our Strategic Plan, it is essential that we gather feedback from all members of the district.

For parents, the 5Essentials Survey should not take more than 10-20 minutes of your time. You will need a working email address to fill out the survey. The survey closes April 2, 2021.

Why is 5Essentials important? This allows us to continue to improve for our staff, students, and parents! Listen here: https://5il.co/pa0k

If you need assistance with the survey, please feel free to contact any of our Parent Community Liaisons.

Harvard High School:

Vanessa Mendoza
Parent Community Liaison
815-943-6461 Ext. 2261

Harvard Junior High:

Rachel Garcia
Parent Community Liaison
815-943-6466 Ext. 2356

Jefferson Elementary:

Alisha Durán
Parent Community Liaison
815-943-6464 Ext. 2448

Crosby Elementary:

Vania De Almeida
Parent Community Liaison