Strategic Plan

The strategic planning process was designed to authentically engage stakeholders – including students, parents, teachers, administrators, staff, and community leaders – in articulating organizational priorities and stakeholder values. The research-based method of strategic planning adopted by Harvard CUSD 50 will allow the District to create its own future, focused on students, through rigorous organizational assessment, followed by operational implementation.

Mission Statement

To produce a community of learners by cultivating academic, social, and emotional skills to maximize each student’s potential.

Vision Statement

Educational excellence and lifelong learning for all.

Guiding Principles

  • In setting high standards and expectations for academic success.

  • Each student is entitled to an excellent education that meets his or her individual needs.

  • Excellent educators and support are essential to student success.

  • The driving force of decisions is student success.

  • In providing a safe and respectful environment.

  • In offering many types of learning experiences.

  • Appropriately applied technology supports boundless learning.

  • Utilization of a variety of communication strategies promotes transparency and trust.

  • A commitment to fiscal responsibility supports future generations of students.

Strategic Plan