What does December 31, 2026, look like?

In 2017, Harvard CUSD 50 created District BHAG's to put their mission and vision into action. The district works towards these goals every day with the intention to achieve them by December 31, 2026. The 6 BHAG's (listed below) will put us in the top tier of districts nationwide. As we work toward these goals, we want our students and staff to be deliriously happy and be working in modern 21st-century learning spaces.

Dr. Corey Tafoya  

   2021-2022 Annual Report

  • We will be a Model PLC District

  • We will have AVID Demonstration Schools

  • Over 50% of our graduates will earn the Seal of Biliteracy

  • 98% of our students will graduate

  • Deliriously happy people

  • Working in modern, 21st-century learning spaces

BHAG poster English

BHAG poster spanish