Clarinet Choir

Harvard High School hosted the IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest, where students from 21 schools performed and competed.

HHS Band and Choir students earned 21 Division 1 (superior) and 11 Division 2 (excellent) ratings. Also, an HHS Clarinet Choir and Trumpet Duet were awarded "Best of Day" Performances!

Clarinet Band EnsembleFor the clarinet choir-standing together photo, left to right: Ariana Schiller-clarinet, Lila Lamz-bass clarinet, Tony Kelley-clarinet, Bradley Boedewig-bass clarinet, Paola Galicia-clarinet, Ren Elliott-clarinet

Clarinet Choir Group PictureTrumpet DuetFor the trumpet duet, left to right: Ariana Schiller, Jett Damiano, both on trumpet

Trumpet Duet