Chromebook Information

What does 1:1 really mean? 
A 1:1 program represents the most comprehensive technology integration program available for instructional purposes. It requires that every student and teacher involved in the program have direct access to a personal computing device at all times.

What’s a Chromebook?  
Chromebook is a laptop running Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and data residing “in the cloud.”

How much is this going to cost?  
The cost of the Chromebook is covered by current district registration fees, so there is no additional cost to you.

Can my child use the Chromebook at home?  
Students are encouraged to use their Chromebooks at home and other locations outside of school. A WiFi Internet connection will be required for the majority of Chromebook use. However, some applications can be used while not connected to the Internet. Students are bound by the district’s Acceptable Use Policy (6:235) wherever they use their Chromebooks.

Here are some other things you should remember:
Students have no expectation of confidentiality or privacy concerning any usage of the Chromebook, regardless of whether that use is for district ­related or personal purposes, other than as specifically provided by law. The district may, without prior notice or consent, log, supervise, access, view, monitor, and record use of student Chromebooks at any time for any
reason related to the operation of the district. By using a Chromebook, students agree to such access, monitoring, and recording of their use.

Monitoring Software
Teachers, school administrators, and the technology department staff may use monitoring software that allows them to view the screens and activity on student Chromebooks.

Content Filters
The district utilizes an Internet content filter that complies with the federally mandated Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Chromebooks, regardless of physical location (in or out of school), will have all Internet activity monitored by the district. If a website is blocked in school, then it will be blocked out of school. If an educationally valuable site is blocked, students should contact their teachers to request the site be unblocked.