We LOVE our
substitute teachers.

Working as a sub is immensely rewarding. Submit your contact information, and our staff will walk you through the steps to becoming a substitute.

Yes, I want to sub!

Why sub in Harvard?

  • Our kids are fantastic, inquisitive, talented, funny, and never dull. And as a sub, you can make a positive difference in students’ lives.

  • You get to choose your schedule.

  • The starting day rate is $130 for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

  • Monday and Friday's rates begin at $140.

  • The long-term sub rate is $228 per day.

  • Long-term sub pay begins on day 1.

  • You’ll have a teacher mentor assigned to you, so you’ll know who to turn to for answers.

  • You’ll have prepared seating charts and lesson plans waiting for you (yes, really).

  • Our building administrators are there to support you.

  • For parents, subbing offers working hours that align with children’s schedules.

  • Cubicles are boring. Classrooms are inspiring.

  • For substitute licenses issued after July 1, 2017, the Illinois State Board of Education will reimburse your application and registration fees after ten days of subbing.

  • If you’re looking for long-term employment, substitutes have the unique advantage to become better acquainted with our district and future career opportunities.



  • As a substitute, you must have a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. You do not need to be an education major.

  • You’ll also need a substitute teacher’s license, but don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the application process.

    • Individuals with a professional educator license do not need a substitute teaching license.

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